Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Count of Monty Crisco

Today's Buffalo News has a nifty profile of character actor William Sadler, who has appeared in tons of movies and has shown lots of range -- he was the main bad guy in Die Hard 2 and the convict Haywood in The Shawshank Redemption (the one with the slight stutter who correctly picks which one of the "new fish" will break down in tears in the film's first, but not last, truly memorable scene). Check it out. (Sadler is a WNY native, by the way, hailing from Orchard Park. Which also happens to be my current stomping grounds. Coolness abounds in Buffalo!)

UPDATE: The profile of Sadler has a sidebar listing some of his prominent roles. The description of his Shawshank character makes me wonder just how well Jeff Simon remembers the movie, but there it is. And in its usual clod-like fashion when it comes to its Web operation, the Buffalo News doesn't link the sidebar from the main article on the site. Come on, guys. You could get a tech-savvy fourteen-year-old to put your paper's website together better than this.

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