Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Passing of Two Sundays....

That's right, two Sundays have past, which means that it's time to put up a new chapter in the blog-novel, The Promised King. If you've been reading all along, you've probably wondered what the story was with Sir Baigent's encounter with the Druids; now you'll know. (And if you haven't been reading along, then hey, get with the program! All the previous chapters are linked in the sidebar on the novel's main page.)

So go read Chapter Eight. This is the last chapter of the book's opening act; things start getting hairy for our heroes Gwynwhyfar, Sir Baigent, Brother Llyad, and Estren the Bard in Chapter Nine.

(I am keeping this post at the top of this page for a while, by the way, so if you check back later, you will probably find new content beneath this one. Scrolling is our friend!)

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