Wednesday, April 27, 2005

O the intemperance....

(WARNING: I deploy a few bits of profanity, including the F-Bomb, in this post, for which I do not ask your pardon.)

Short of wearing a t-shirt with it printed across the breast, coupled with a baseball cap with the same thing printed on the forehead, I don't think you could more effectively announce to all the world "I AM A COMPLETE ASSHOLE!" than by setting up a website like this.

(Cho Chang, for those unfamiliar with the Harry Potter books, is a girl at Hogwarts School in whom Harry becomes, well, romantically interested in the series's fourth book, which is currently being made into the fourth movie.)

Dear Rebecca: Grow the fuck up. Love, me.

(Link via a Google search inspired by an article linked in this BookSlut post. BTW, here's a site for Ms. Leung that's more positive, although its design literally hurts my eyes. And here's what Ms. Leung looks like. What the hell is wrong with her? I mean, really – what the hell is wrong with her? Nothing that I can see. Why are people deciding they hate her for no apparent fucking reason?!)

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