Saturday, April 16, 2005


If you pay any attention to baseball, or even cast a lazy eye on the sports part of the local newscast, you probably saw the footage of the latest "incident" involving a fan in the stands and a player, this time at Boston's Fenway Park, when a fan reached for a ball that was in play while Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield attempted to field it. (Video of the incident is available at the link.) The fan might have taken a swipe at Sheffield; Sheffield swung at the guy, and then returned to the business at hand of fielding the ball. The whole incident took less than ten seconds to unfold, and yet, it's been the topic of just about every baseball discussion I've seen lately, which strikes me as odd, since the incident doesn't strike me as that big a deal. It's certainly nowhere near that ugly brawl that erupted at an NBA game last fall. This writer agrees.

What I actually found funniest about the whole thing was this: if you watch the video, look not at the fan scuffling with Sheffield, but the one standing a row back and to the left of the incident -- this person is wearing a light brown jacket and a hooded sweatshirt. This guy's reaction cracks me up: first he's excited that a play is unfolding just inches away, then he visibly goes "WHOOAAA!" when he sees Sheffield swing at the player, and then he starts clapping in giddy glee that an obvious SportsCenter moment has just happened, again, inches away. I just know the guy sprinted home to fire up the VCR so he could tape himself and show it to his buddies. "Hey, Fred-o, watch ESPN tonight! I'm on it!"

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