Saturday, April 16, 2005

Tripe, and the folks who love it

Nefarious Neddie winds up a post about how good Battlestar Galactica is (which I, being a rabbit-ears only TV viewer, cannot watch until it comes to DVD) with a shot at un-named people who like American Idol. I can only assume he's taking a vague potshot at me, the little devil.

But so be it: I am an unrepentent American Idol fan, even if this season's failue to see the increasingly nauseating Scott Savol survive from week to week. (That guy doesn't even have the "incredibly nice guy" vibe that John Stevens had last year when he survived way longer than he should have -- Scott Savol is just plain annoying, and his singing is Godawful.)

Never fear, though, dear Readers: I won't be writing much about AI in this space. I'm confining my own debate-slash-bitching on all-things-Idol to this thread on the FSM boards. And I'm excited to learn that Michele of A Small Victory has a side-blog devoted to AI, Idol Tongues.

So, go, Bo Bice!

(Constantine's OK, but I'm tired of that "let me smolder a bit while the camera lingers on me" thing he does.)

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