Sunday, April 17, 2005

Touring the Buffalo sector of Blogistan

I'll try to do this once in a while -- link some good stuff by the Local Folk.

:: I hope things are OK with Jen, who has gone very minimalistic. (At least she has a white background now, though -- the black one was really making me worry.)

:: Arkitrave confronts a minimalistic painting, and comes away baffled. I think I would too, judging by the picture.

:: Craig went walking about town, and has some pictures. He has some interesting thoughts on that necessary evil of urban settings: parking garages. I'm always reminded of Toronto, where many if not all of the parking garages not only feature retail at street level, but also don't even look like parking garages. You don't really encounter those giant, gray concrete tombs that suck the life out of a city block.

:: Balgar admires Andrea Dworkin. I, myself, don't know the first thing about Andrea Dworkin except that she is now dead.

:: Mark is incredulous at the amount of sheer ineptitude on display by the Erie County Comptroller, with said incredulousness being intensified by the fact that had a few hundred votes changed hands, the Comptroller who seems to be professing ignorance of the budget process every time she's in front of a microphone these days would now be representing us in Congress. (I wonder if, when she finally conceded defeat, if her thinking was along the lines of, "Dammit, now I'll still be Comptroller when they find out what a bad one I've been.")

:: "Fix Buffalo" documents a Buffalo building's slow decay. Well, he'll never lack for posting material in these parts....

:: Craig of Buffalog has an interesting post on the NRA logo. (Not that NRA, though. Which one? Click through.)

:: BuffaloPundit is still on his week-long hiatus, ten days after it began. Harumph.

:: Erin ate sushi, and then she had a job interview. Talk about packing lots of adventure into one week! (I like sushi, even though I haven't had much of it and I've never been to an actual sushi bar.)

:: The Goober Queen points out a web-thingie where you can make your own Egyptian cartouche. Gotta try this later.

:: The Grey Bird, before. And the Grey Bird, after. Wow. Not a bad new look, even if I do disagree with the idea that long hair is mainly a thing for the young. (And if anyone's wondering if I have any plans to follow suit: NO!)

:: Julia calls it the "Concert of the Year". What is it? Go find out. I'm not sure I'd call it the concert of the year, but that does sound like a fun one.

:: A Slightly Mad Housewife recently started posting again.

:: Bill Altreuter went to hear Bob Dylan, and then takes the the Buffalo News's rock critic to task for panning the show. I'm not the biggest Dylan fan, but this sounds like another good show. (When it comes to live music, I'm really very inexperienced. I haven't even been to hear the Buffalo Philharmonic in an absurdly long time.)

:: Prince Ali posts one of those heart-warming parables that show up in e-mail from time to time. I hadn't seen this one before, though. (And I have to admit that the "demented writer" part of me got to the point where the gold box is noticed missing, and my imagination started going elsewhere....)

:: Jennifer has some thoughts about grocery stores, including the nail in my heart that she won't shop at The Store because it's too far from her house. Fair enough, I guess...but geez...that playroom makes it worth the eight-mile drive, wouldn't it? And aren't those eight miles just down Transit Road? Come on! Come over to the Good Side of the Force! At least we're not owned by a Dutch conglomerate with accounting troubles! You know you want to! (We're going to squash Martin's like a bug, I tell you.)

That's all for this week....

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