Saturday, April 02, 2005

Is this like how Olivier and Kenneth Branagh made movies using the same script?

This is funny. I got a big kick out of yesterday's Get Fuzzy, but since I don't usually read Fox Trot, I had no idea that both strips used virtually the same script yesterday. I assume this was an April Fool's day thing, and it's the kind of April Fool's thing I like, in that it's not based on being mean or embarrassing to another person. It reminds me of a more widespread funnies-page April Fool's joke, the Great April Fool's Switcheroonie, when a number of strips were drawn by the artists of some other strip (for instance, Hagar the Horrible drawn by the guy who draws Non Sequitur). Very clever.

(For my money, the joke used yesterday in Get Fuzzy and Fox Trot is funnier as a Get Fuzzy joke. It's probably the use of the word "piehole" that does it.)

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