Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sunday Burst of Weirdness (Ten-Year-Old Humor Edition)

OK, I admit it, I was in a very juvenile mood late the other night and it suddenly occured to me that after the debut of products like the iPod and the iShuffle and parodies like the iProduct, I wondered what I wound find if I used Google to search for, well, naughty words with an 'i' stuck on the front.

Which is how I found this. Sadly, the site isn't functional now, but there's enough there that I know I'd be there a-clinking away if it was. There really are times when the sound of a flushing toilet is just about the funniest thing in the Universe.

(No, it's probably not safe for work. Duh. Yes, I'm ashamed of my flirtation with Beavis and Butthead humor here, and promise to look for weirdness next week that's more reflective of my adult nature. Or something like that. Hey, "doodies"!)

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