Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Coolness Elsewhere....

Time for a grab-bag of linkage while I work on some other stuff:

:: Patrick of Fantasy Hotlist has an interview with writer L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

:: David Brooks says that liberals' problem is that they're not "philosophical" enough; Digby says he's full of bird poop. Advantage: Digby.

:: What's worse than a woman than having to endure a root canal? Having to endure a root canal while already pregnant. Oy. I can imagine the conversation that will ensue the first time Kellie's child, someday years hence, asks the fateful question, "What was it like when I was in your belly?"

:: Mr. Sun on this spring's TV lineup:

Diagnosis: Fervor. Randall Terry interviews various people and calls them butchers and murderers. Family-friendly.

Joan of AARP. Bea Arthur stars as a frightenting, nasty, strident old woman fighting against privatization of Social Security. Andy Griffith guest stars in steamy cameo as recently widowed Matlock.

Vatican Idol. You help pick the next pope. Simon: "If I'm being honest, you're just not holy enough."

:: GAAHHHH! Cute couple alert! Stop the cuteness! (Kidding aside, that's a nice picture. I love seeing what the faces behind the words in Blogistan look like.)

:: Darth Swank reviews Sin City.

:: John Scalzi has lost a cat. Condolences to him and his family. The major downside to living with cats is that you inevitably lose them. It's therefore a good thing that the major upside to living with cats is, well, living with cats.

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