Saturday, April 09, 2005

Friday Random Ten (the Saturday edition)

It's a gorgeous Spring morning in Buffalo! No, really. We tend to have four or five really gorgeous days each Spring, and this appears to be one of them. Much of the snow from one week ago has melted off (leaving much of the ground a muddy quagmire), but according to The Doppler ZX-9000 Accuweather StormCenter DragonSlayer Forecasting Genius Guy on TV last night, we're actually not supposed to receive much precipitation -- if any at all -- for the next several days, so maybe we'll get the ground dried up somewhat.

Anyhoo, I haven't done a "Random Ten" in a while, so I guess I'll do one right now, because it seems to me that "blogging memes" exist for just days like this: when I want to stick some new content up here without thinking too much about it. Because, you know, thinking's hard and stuff.

1. "Jar Jar's Run-in with Sebulba" (from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)
2. Java Jive (by the Manhattan Transfer)
3. "Willow Weep For Me" (from Frank Sinatra sings for Only the Lonely, which is one of those "I don't care what kind of music you listen to, if you don't own this your record collection sucks" albums.)
4. "The Time is Now (selection II)" (from Millennium, by Mark Snow)
5. "The Twentieth-Century-Fox Fanfare" by Alfred Newman (from one of the Star Wars soundtracks)
6. "The Raiders March" (from Raiders of the Lost Ark)
7. "Reading Room" (from Road to Perdition, by Thomas Newman)
8. "Niobe's Run" (from The Matrix Revolutions, by Don Davis -- really good score, that. Maybe someday I'll bother watching the movie, but since my one attempt at watching The Matrix Reloaded ended up with me sleeping soundly in my armchair, it may be a while.)
9. "Nothing to Trade" (from Road to Perdition, again. It always amazes me that randomizing my music program still ends up with two tracks from the same album in the top ten, every time.)
10. "Trilogy" (by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. I just checked out their "Very Best Of..." album last week from the library and ripped it, mainly because I dig "Karn Evil 9".)

It's just now occurred to me that even though classical and Celtic music together form over half of my music listening, I have very little of either genre on my hard drive. I'm not sure why this is.

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