Saturday, July 17, 2004

Ye Olde Blogger Interface

As I noted the other day in a bizarre test post, Blogger's new interface is, well, hard to get used to. For now I'm just using the "Edit HTML" interface, because it's what I'm used to. (And really, what's so hard about typing out "a href" all the time? My fingers just gravitate to it, now.)

Anyway, publishing no longer crashes Mozilla, but there's a new bug that's apparently occupying the Big Heads at Pyra: the "spinning wheel" thing to indicate publishing-in-progress never advances, even though publishing actually works. Something to keep an eye on. In an e-mail from Blogger tech support, they suggest that Mozilla users clear cache and cookies, although this may not help everything.

Finally: It would be cool if for some of these Big Changes, the Blogger folks would actually stick an update message into a prominent position -- say, the top of the screen -- on the Blogger "dashboard" (for non-Blogger users, the dashboard is simply the first screen you see upon logging in to Blogger). I can't be the only person who ever checks when there's a problem.

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