Sunday, July 25, 2004

IMAGE OF THE WEEK (and the Sunday Burst of Weirdness)

Yes, I'm combining my two regular Sunday features this week. I don't have a weblink for this event, but my friend Robert sent me some photographs he took of an event in Minneapolis where a bunch of cars and other vehicles are decorated in all manner of odd ways and then paraded down the street. Here's a "Cork Truck", covered in corks:

And I'm not sure what this little car is supposed to be -- an airplane, I suppose, although to my eyes it looks more like the Love Boat.

This next one's right up my daughter's alley, since she adores VW Beetles (an obsession that springs from our watching of the Love Bug movies last summer):

And finally, since you can't have this kind of art show without a good old bit of goofy left-wing politics expressed as art, here's a "Pink Slip" truck, complete with women wearing pink slips:

Of course, I'm not sure about the congruity of the message here combined with the occasion of loading down a pickup truck with lots of people and then driving it slowly down the street so it burns a lot of gas fairly needlessly, but hey. It's women wearing pink slips.

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