Sunday, July 25, 2004

Quick! Somebody buy Dave Wannstedt some stock in Excedrin!

In a very surprising turn of events, running back Ricky Williams has decided to retire from the NFL, leaving the Miami Dolphins just before training camp begins.

As a Bills fan, I heartily endorse Williams's decision (since he pretty much made the Bills' defense look like it was made of tissue paper the last couple of years). And I suspect this will pretty much put the nail in Dave Wannstedt's coffin -- he should have been fired last year, really, but now that his team is missing its best weapon (and a weapon which Wannstedt had no idea how to correctly use) and fielding a defense that continues to age, I think we can safely pencil in the Dolphins for their annual "Also Ran" status a bit early this year.

Gee whiz, it breaks the heart.

(And now, having got the schaedenfreude out of my system, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Williams ends up reversing his decision at some point. The guy's a weirdo.)

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