Saturday, July 31, 2004

Six-stringed badness

The 50 Worst Guitar Solos Ever, filched from MeFi. I confess that I haven't heard a great deal of these, but the ones I have I don't recall being that bad. Criticizing rock guitarists for excess seems to me to be kind of like criticizing Impressionist painters for too little precise clarity, but this description of Ted Nugent gave me some serious chuckles:

Hide your women and pets, it's that misogynistic poacher leaving scorched earth and bleeding carcasses wherever he roams.

Heh, indeed!

(OK, I have to quibble with listing the solo from "Comfortably Numb". Fact is, who cares if it's spliced together for the recording? Does it work musically, or not? My answer is "Yes", which is the only question that matters, in my opinion.)

And within the MeFi comment thread I find the Top 100 guitar solos, which I merely link here but have not, as of this writing, actually read. I'll update later. (This latter link features "tabs", by the way, which I assume are some kind of notation for guitarists. I know nothing about the guitar, so this is of no use to me. But maybe there's a guitar player in my readership who'd like to sharpen their teeth on "Eruption".)

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