Thursday, July 22, 2004

Ebert on Music -- a challenge, of sorts

One thing I've noticed about Roger Ebert's film reviews over the years is that he almost never mentions the music. Never, ever. So, I've just sent the following message to him as a query for his "Movie Answer Man" column (which alternates on Sundays with his "Great Movies" column):

Today, on the occasion of great film composer Jerry Goldsmith's death, I'm suddenly reminded that you almost never mention a film's music in your reviews, even though you often mention the work of other "technicians" involved in production, such as the editors or cinematographers. Do you simply not feel qualified to discuss film music? I would think a critic of such obvious erudition and knowledge both within film and without such as yourself would have something to say about the cinematic contributions of a Jerry Goldsmith or a John Williams, to name just two.

I hope he answers, because even if Ebert doesn't know a bass drum from a pipe organ, surely he can say something interesting about how music is used in film.

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