Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I'za good critic!

For a bit of fascinating yin and yang, check out Alex Ross and Terry Teachout on the subject of a new classical work by Elvis Costello. Now, I haven't heard the piece in question, so I have no opinion, but it's always cool to read two articulate and knowledgable critics who stand in disagreement over the same work.

And I also think it's funny that both make veiled negative references to Paul McCartney's "cantata" Standing Stone. I borrowed the CD of that work from the library a year or so ago, and I remember thinking as I played it, "This is the most banal damn thing I've ever heard!" I've never shied from liking stuff that critics don't (Attack of the Clones is a great movie! Someday you'll see!), but still, it's cool to receive vindication once in a while.

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