Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Research Request

I have a question for my female readership (or for my male readers who have females present whom they can ask). This is for a writing project that I'm getting underway. (It's a screenplay of sorts, freely mined from some of the more absurd aspects of life at The Store. Kind of like Clerks, I guess, only probably not nearly as good. And with more spaceships. [No, not really. Spaceships, that is.])

Anyway, here's a situation I want to write but I'm not sure about the key detail. My main female character will at some point arrive for work in the morning, but she will have undergone some kind of emotional trauma the night before -- maybe a sudden and ugly breakup or some such thing (I haven't thought much of this out). It'll be the kind of thing that's bad enough to make you wish you'd stayed home from work, but not so serious as to make you actually stay home from work.

So my question is: what effect would this sort of thing have on her makeup? I don't want anything so obvious as streaks of mascara running down her cheeks -- maybe she got all her crying done and has enough self-control to keep from bawling on the job, but she still doesn't want it to be obvious to everyone at work that she's been crying all night. What does she do, makeup-wise, to accomplish this? And what details would tip someone off? I'm thinking that most people will simply think she looks a tiny bit different from her usual appearance, but I want to have one person who knows just what the tiny shifts (or not so tiny) in her makeup application might mean.

(For some reason, this project is coming to me in the form of disconnected scenes, all over the place. I have no idea how to tie it up as a story, which seems kind of weird to me, since I rarely work this way, if ever.)

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