Wednesday, July 14, 2004


This post headline is an attempt to render that "muttered swearing" that cartoon characters like Fred Flintstone used to do.

Remember the $700 brake job of a few weeks back? Well, my car's brakes are awesome now. The thing stops on a dime, quickly and quietly, no hiss, no grating, no growling, no grinding.

Although I can't say there's been no hiss, grating, growling or grinding since my drive home today from The Store, because I wouldn't have been able to hear any hissing, grating, growling or grinding over my now-incredibly-loud engine.

Because the rackin-frackin-dadgummit-schnitzen-furgle-urk muffler fell off on the way home.

There had damn well better be a top-secret government lab somewhere inside which obscene amounts of taxpayer money are going to developing a Star Trek transporter, because cars suck.

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