Saturday, July 10, 2004

Goodness! What would you learn if you paid to take his classes?

[snark alert -- move on if you don't like when I snark, which isn't often, but here it is.]

Wow. In one day, I've learned three fascinating things from Glenn Reynolds:

One, if you're a filmmaker whose stock-in-trade is provocative and controversial documentaries that espouse a left-wing political view, you're the moral equivalent of an Iraqi cleric who has led an uprising against American forces (and who is still kicking, by the way).

And two, if you're the Democratic nominee for President and you don't immediately drop everything on your schedule to rush back to Washington so Tom Ridge can brief you on the latest change in the Baskin-Robbins Terror Alert of the Month, you're just not serious about fighting terrorism.

And three, no amount of bad news can hold a candle to one village with a new well.

Why don't I read Instapundit very often? Pretty much the same reason I rarely drink Instacoffee, or fill my freezer with boxes of Instawaffles.

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