Thursday, July 15, 2004

Sad news from the Buffalo music world

A while back I featured as the Image of the Week the complete assemblage of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, borrowing the photograph from the website of the BPO's principal trombonist, Scott Parkinson.

Sadly, while driving home from work I heard on Buffalo's classical station that Scott Parkinson died two nights ago, stricken by a sudden heart attack. I thought I caught Parkinson's age as just 26, but I'm not sure about that. In any event, he was too damned young for this.

Condolences to Parkinson's family, both his real one and his musical one.

UPDATE: I am keeping an eye on Buffalo's news outlets, and I will have a link to something when one appears. I also pay some small tribute to Parkinson here.

UPDATE, 7-17-04: Mr. Parkinson's obituary appears in THe Buffalo News today (his age, incidentally, was 27). There is also a Guestbook for anyone wishing to express condolences.

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