Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sooner or later, the most outrageous fictional prediction comes true

I've been following with some bemusement (and a little sadness) the "fifteen minutes of fame" being enjoyed by Annie Jacobsen, a woman who basically panicked for no reason at all on an airplane and yet somehow now has a legion of people cheering her on. I wasn't going to comment on it at all, because it's all really stupid: Jacobsen's a twitchy nitwit, apparently, looking for terrorists beneath every bit of Middle-Eastern looking skin, and it's pretty clear everyone's already starting to figure this out.

Witness the progression in the links to Instapundit's posts on the subject, provided by Oliver Willis: First he's lapping it up, linking every bit of corroborative writing he can find, but by the last post, he's saying, "Well, gee, we'll never know what really happened (even though the Federal Air Marshalls on the flight seem to have a pretty good handle on what happened), but hey, at least we're talking about airplane security now!" Yup, she's a loon, but she's got us talking about something important -- as if listening to Richard Hoagland is a good thing because hey, it gets us talking about exploring Mars.

But what really made me decide to mention the whole thing is that it finally clicked in my head a few minutes ago: we've just seen a bit of the movie Airplane! almost come true.

Oldlady : I can't stand it anymore, I've got to get outta here. I've gotta get outta here.

Elaine : Calm down get ahold of yourself. (shakes woman gently)

Gentlmn : Stewardess, please, let me handle this (grabs her and starts to shake her)

Gntlmn2 : Calm down, now get back to your seat, I'll take care of this. CALM DOWN, GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF ! (shakes her violently, then slaps her)

Nun : Mr, your wanted on the phone . . . Everything's going to be alright < SLAP >! Please.

Gntlmn3 : Sister, I'll handle this. < SLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAPPP >

(There is now a line of people with baseball bats and whips waiting to help the woman)

Looks like Annie Jacobsen picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

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