Saturday, July 31, 2004

Signs. Lots of signs.

I linked Signs of Life a while back, and I discovered that link again while browsing my archives a bit this morning. When I linked it before, the site had to shut down due to bandwidth concerns, and I meant to re-link it when it was back up, but forgot about it.

Anyway, go check it out. It's merely a gallery of signs bearing verbiage that is uniformly hilarious (unintentionally so).

(UPDATE: Oh, wow. I'll bet that if I saw this one, my ensuing double-take might well cause me to lose control of the car and....)

(UPDATE II: Oh my God!)

(UPDATE III: I don't want to meet the person whose shopping list can be exhausted here. Especially if he or she mixes up the purchases!)

(UPDATE IV: OK, I'm done. Those ones just had to be singled out.)

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