Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Ahhhh, those Freepers

In comments to this post, Scott (of Archipelapogo) wonders how long until the Freepers (that is, the denizens of Free Republic, a place that makes the denizens of Little Green Footballs look like paragons of centrist moderation) start referring to Barack Obama as "Obama bin Laden". Scott predicts that Ann Coulter will use that phrase in print within 48 hours, but she'll be quite behind the curve: the Freepers already had this one in play more than three weeks ago. You'll also find it in use here (what constitutes a political "moderate" to this person is an exercise best left to the reader).

As of this writing, a Google search for the exact phrase "Obama bin laden" only turns up three pages' worth of hits, but give it time. I expect that number to do nothing but rise.

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