Saturday, July 24, 2004

Good idea, because bringing livestock into the Statehouse can't POSSIBLY go wrong!

A month or so ago, South Carolina's Governor -- a guy named Mark Sanford -- thought it would be funny to make a statement about pork-barrel spending by bringing two pigs (named "Pork" and "Barrel" -- hey, give him points for staying on message!) with him into the Statehouse chamber.

Hilarity ensued when the pigs defecated on both the Governor and the Statehouse chamber carpet.

South Carolina Attorney General Rosco P. Coltrane could not be reached for comment, as he'd just flipped his car while chasing "them Duke boys".

(BTW, what is it with politicians doing stupid things to argue against "pork barrel" spending? My own former Senator, Alphonse d'Amato, once sang an anti-pork version of "Old MacDonald" on the floor of the United States Senate, for God's sake -- and this from a guy whose reputation for "bringing home the bacon" was so strong that he was often referred to as "Senator Pothole". But then, I once heard d'Amato address the Commencement ceremony at St. Bonaventure University -- and all throughout his speech, he kept referring to the school as "St. Francis University". A rhetorician he wasn't.)

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