Sunday, February 01, 2009


UPDATED below.

That was truly a great game. Remember what I said earlier? Blowouts are a thing of the past. They'll be the rarity now.

Anyway, the Steelers have just joined the Cowboys as the only franchises to have won Super Bowls under three consecutive head coaches.

And Kurt Warner is, in my book, a Hall of Famer. I hate watching him lose in that way. In a just world, that guy would NOT be 1-2 in Super Bowls. He's a free agent now, so I hope he signs with some contender and gets back next year. That guy deserves better than this. He carried the Cardinals on their back.

UPDATE: In the postgame, the reporter sent to get Kurt Warner's reaction actually asked: "Do you want to try to get back to the Super Bowl?" What a stupid question. What's he going to say? "No, I just want to be on the roster of an 8-8 team for a year or two"? Maybe she was asking if he is considering retirement, since he's pretty old for a starting QB, but that was a seriously dumb way to phrase it.

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Sean Meade said...

such a great game!

i wonder if Kurt has any shot at the Hall of Fame...