Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good morning, Mr. Phelps

Vigil 192ab, originally uploaded by ny_lucy.

Alan posted about the reception received the other day that greeted the representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church when they showed up to protest the services for the victims of the Continental Airlines plane crash. Nice to see that these nitwits got nowhere with their shenanigans, thanks to lots of local people who showed up to basically marginalize them and make them invisible. Kind of like the people in the photo above, which includes...my parents!

There they are, at far right. Mom's in the red overcoat, and Dad's beside her, with the ballcap, looking off down the street at something. Cool!


Roger Owen Green said...

@#$%^&! Phelps is coming to Albany and Plattsburgh on March 6 - I'm going to the counterdemonstration in ALB: http://godislovealbany.org/

Call me Paul said...

Nnext time you see your Dad, give him a high five for me. Tell him who I am, but not why I'm sending the greeting. That oughta confuse the heck out him.

Aaron said...

Warning, the following will be highly intellectual in nature.

Fuck Fred Phelps.

Damn, it happened again. Every time I see or hear that name I try to keep it clean and express my distaste for him in a mature and intelligent manner. It never works.