Tuesday, February 10, 2009


On the off chance anyone from WNED, Buffalo's classical music station, reads this: this sort of thing does not predispose me to giving money to WNED, something I had actually been considering doing. Now I think I'll just buy a pizza instead, or maybe get that wireless router I've been considering.

John Landis always came on the radio when I was getting off work, and I enjoyed listening to his show. He was knowledgeable and always conveyed a great love of classical music. I can only assume that his termination had something to do with the fact that he'd been there for a long time and thus was probably making more money than some of the less-tenured hosts. If that is the case, I would hope that the WNED brass note that the "Let's fire the ones who have been around the longest and therefore make the most money" strategy didn't work out so well for Circuit City.

Anyway, best wishes to Mr. Landis, and hopes that he lands on his feet in these times when so many people are hoping to land on their feet.


Anonymous said...

Hey I know somewhere you could donate that money to instead Mr. Classical Music lover. :)


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with what you write. I was informed about his firing by a good friend of John's and I also play in the Cheektowaga Community Symphony Orchestra, which he conducts. Many of us in the orchestra feel the same way, wrt future donations to WNED.

You're also right, that John has a phenomenally deep knowledge of music.

You'll be pleased to know he still is conducting the orchestra, and was in very good spirits at last night's rehearsal. You can hear the results of his work with us on March 1, at St. Gabriel's church in Elma.

Anonymous said...

I'm already missing him. Loved his Sunday afternoon show, where I learned so much about what to listen for in the playing of a piece. And who else would have the guts to say he doesn't like Bach on a piano (obviously, I agree). The problem is that getting rid of him leaves us with much more of a standard issue classical music station -- and if the music is all I'm interested in, I can get as much as I want in other places (like my DISH TV). He, and the rest of his cohorts, made the music a communal experience. They lose that they might as well fold -- and with a couple of more pledge drives like they just had, I guess they will.
And of course, the question of the day -- who's next? After all satellite delivery really is a lot cheaper.

Terry Mester said...

Has any more information come forth as to why John Landis left the WNED Classical Station? They never mentioned his departure on air, and it took me about a month to realize that he must have left under suspicious circumstances. I had thought he was on vacation. It must have hurt their fundraising which was way down this spring. I'm very curious to know why John left. He was a precious part of that Station. I'm really angry over this, and I won't become a member or give them money unless they bring John back.


Mr. Terry Mester
Welland, Ontario

Kelly Sedinger said...

Nothing new that I know of. I suspect that he was dismissed as part of a series of cost-cutting measures at the station; I know that their last few fund-drives have fallen short of goal, and that Landis was probably the highest paid on-air personality they had. It still stinks, though. I listen to significantly less WNED now because of that.