Monday, February 23, 2009

Ten teams left....

On last night's The Amazing Race, my initial least-favorite team, a couple of bumpkins I dubbed Cletus and Lurleen, was eliminated, mainly because Lurleen lost her way walking down a mountain and found herself...someplace else. It actually seemed a bit of a shame, because after I hated this couple in the first episode, they were shown much more sympathetically in this episode. Of the remaining teams, I'm not sure who I now am actively rooting against -- but I am most definitely rooting for Margie and Luke, the mother and her deaf son. I just think they're terribly likable; it was great when he said that he didn't want to do the pie throwing detour but did because she wanted to, and "She's my mom".

Last week I also wondered what was particularly "German" about pie throwing, but it turned out that it was the pies that were German, not the actual throwing part of it. So they were throwing pies made of "authentic German ingredients" at one another. Well, that makes sense, I guess. At least everybody seemed to enjoy it and nobody backed out of it as soon as they realized that they themselves were the targets for the pie throwing. (Of course, I'd have chosen the pie throwing myself.)

Next week, I suppose we're back to normal TAR-type tasks, like...ballet dancing? Yay!


Jill said...

I think Cletus had anger issues and I did not enjoy watching him making his wife feel worse than she already did in the first episode. This last episode she more worried about making him mad than anything. I feel bad for her, but I'm glad they are gone.

I'm rooting for Margie and Luke too, along with Tammy and Victor.

If I was there, I definitely would have picked the Segway obstacle course over the pie-throwing :)

Kelly Sedinger said...

If I was there, I definitely would have picked the Segway obstacle course over the pie-throwing :)

The Segway thing looked boring, and pie washes off! :)

Kerry said...

Lurleen was a doormat and Cletus enjoyed wiping his feet on her. They have serious and sad issues. I did not enjoy watching them together, with her apologizing all the time.