Friday, February 27, 2009

Seven, into Eight

A couple of weeks ago, this blog's official Blogiversary came and went. I didn't mark the occasion at the time, but this whole month has partly been for me about seven years in Blogistan (minus a three month holiday last year). That's a lot of insightful content blather and drivel to produce and a lot of time to produce it in, and I'm gratified to find that I have any audience at all, even a small one. Thanks to one and all my readers! It's been an interesting seven years, marked by politics and war and Star Wars movies and poetry and music and Tolkien and Spiderman and Berlioz and Rachmaninov and pizza and chicken wings and coconut cream pie...and always a long-haired goof in overalls sitting back and looking at it all with a fairly jaded eye. Or, maybe, not so jaded.

So how long can it go on? Who knows, really. As in all things, we'll see. Excelsior!

(And don't forget Ask Me Anything!, for which I will definitively cease taking queries after tomorrow.)

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