Monday, February 02, 2009

Sentential Links #157

Here we go:

:: Yes, I watched Sullivan on February 9, 1964, and I thought the group was all right. But I really couldn't hear them or enjoy them over all of that SCREAMING.

:: Almost seventy percent of the curling stones currently in use around the world came from Ailsa Craig. (Apparently Paul's doing a series of posts called "The ABCs of Curling", which makes me happy because curling is one cool sport, which I don't understand for the life of me.)

:: Plus FireKitteh sits on your lap and makes adorable noises.

:: Farm life is amazing, but it can also be heartbreaking—and frustrating as hell.

:: Mysterious space entity, we can't escape from it!

:: Twenty minutes of involuntary exposure to sub-freezing weather has a remarkably positive effect on feline behavior. Look… aren’t they sweet?

:: From the iconic opening riff of "Sweet Child o' Mine" and the driving staccato rhythm of Led Zepplin's "Immigrant Song," to the weeping wail of Gary Moore's "Still Got the Blues," this behemoth is one of the most coveted instruments on the planet. If the Fender Stratocaster is the precision sniper rifle of the guitar world, then the Les Paul is a veritable Howitzer of sound. It's meaty tone can go from raunchy clack to the smooth and buttery lament of angels with just the flick of a switch.

:: One respects the office by honoring its place in a constitutional system, not by wearing a suit.

All for this week. Tune in next week!

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