Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Making Montages

UPDATE: Link fixed.

In comments to my "Men I admire" post, Roger asks how I made the photo montage of the men I cited. You can use this online tool to do the job (requires an account of some sort), but I just did it myself using Photofiltre. First I decided the size of the montage -- in this case, four rows of five photos apiece. Then I figured on the size of each individual shot; I think I went with 250 px wide by 300 tall.

Figuring thusly, the montage in the end would be 1250 px wide by 1200 tall. I created a blank new image in Photofiltre with those dimensions and then I had to crop each individual image down to 250*300. Once I had a 250*300 headshot, I simply cut and paste it into the final montage and then moved it into position. Easy as pie! It takes a bit of time, but then, I enjoy creating montages.

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Roger Owen Green said...

I'm afraid "this online tool" links to your blog...