Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sentential Links #158

[UPDATE: I screwed up the timestamp on this post, which is why it's appearing Sunday night and marked as Monday. So I'm just changing it to a regular old Sunday post, for this one week only. It was supposed to run as a scheduled post tomorrow, but I blundered it. Oops! Plus I decided to add a few more links, because the post looked a bit half-baked to begin with.]

Continuing to traipse through Blogistan:

:: I listened to CNN while driving around the valley today, and it hits you when it’s no longer 50 people, but 50 people with names. Names and achievements. Names and families. Names and jobs. Names and lives lost.

:: Way back when, my friend Jeff was a lunatic behind the wheel of a car.

:: I worry about the artists and musicians and actors and other creative people who always live on the periphery.... but in this current moment of our history are precariously balanced on the edge.

:: "I am. I already was. I always will be."

:: So get busy. We’re running out of charming little towns. You don’t want to be stuck with Pismo Beach.

:: Vancouver, I'm sure, is a lovely city and British Columbia is a lovely province, but for now, for today, they can suck it.

:: It’s a sadly accurate cliche that fans of science fiction (myself included) become so engrossed in our genre of choice that we often forget there’s an entire world to explore, right here on Earth. (Now, that's just crazy talk.)

:: I can’t believe that in twenty years you never had a chance to use the sled.

:: I don’t mean angry or insane. I mean that Mad magazine shaped who I am, and I wouldn’t be half the schmuck I am without it. (Sometimes I miss MAD Magazine. My favorite feature was always the "Lighter Side".)

All for this week. More next week, perhaps.

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Roger Owen Green said...

well, MAD isn't gone, just going quarterly.