Friday, February 06, 2009

Do the pipes still work, Dear?

Howdy folks!

I'm finally back and blogging in Western New York this evening. Actually, The Daughter and I arrived back home early last evening, but we had so much stuff to do post-flight, continuing into today, that I'm only now able to sit down and get caught up on Teh Interweb. So here I am.

Anyway, yesterday's cross-country return trip was just about the most picture-perfect day of travel I could imagine. The day was bright and sunny everywhere we went. Our first plane took off from Spokane right on time, and apparently the winds were favorably with us (like The Force!), because we were a half-hour early arriving in Minneapolis, where we were already scheduled for an eighty minute layover. The extra time was nice, as The Daughter and I were able to grab some lunch and then leisurely make our way from our arriving gate to our departing one. (The Minneapolis airport is huge. I'm always surprised by this, when I go through there.)

From Minneapolis it was off to Detroit, where we again arrived early, this time about fifteen or twenty minutes early. We disembarked the plane there, crossed the terminal to the teevee screens to find where we were to go for the final plane, from Detroit to Buffalo, whereupon we discovered that we were, in fact, taking the exact same plane. So we didn't even have to budge from where we were.

And of course, the flight from Detroit to Buffalo basically involves traversing the length of Lake Erie, so this took about forty minutes. What was nice then was that the sun had gone down, and the night was very clear, so from our vantage point, sitting on the left side of the plane (and therefore facing north), as we made our way into the eastern portion of Lake Erie, The Daughter and I could see virtually all of the lights of Ontario's "Golden Crescent", which stretches from Niagara Falls to St. Catharines to Hamilton and around the bend of Lake Ontario toward Toronto. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Anyhow, now we're back and faced with lots of domestic stuff that needs taken care of. The cats made short work of a box of Kleenex, for one thing; for another, one of the boys (Lester, for those keeping score) loves to chew plastic bags of any sort, and he had himself a field day. There was a plastic bag from the local liquor store that he chewed the hell of, dragging it across the floor. Thing is, it still had the bottle of wine in it, since I hadn't got round to putting that bottle away when circumstances intruded. Plus the place hasn't been vacuumed in two weeks. Oof. Yeah, so no parties at Casa Jaquandor for a while.

But we're back and blogging, though. That's something!

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Aaron said...

You totally flew over my house.