Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A modest suggestion

Alan reports that the creeps of the Westboro Baptist Church -- the creeps who like to show up at military funerals bearing placards that read things like "Thank God for 9-11-01", because it's all God's punishment of the US for, I guess, not rounding up all of its gay citizens and stoning them to death en masse -- are planning to bring their unique brand of protestery to the memorial services for the people killed in last week's crash of Continental Flight 3107. Most people seem to think that ignoring them is the best approach, but I think it would be funny if about a dozen locals made up some placards of their own, in the identical style of the Westboro folks, with messages of a completely nonsensical nature printed on them, and then just walk up and start milling around right next to, or even right in the midst of, the Westboro folks. The placards could say things like "Beware the mind control pizza!" or "All bow down before BACON CAT!" or "My hovercraft is full of eels!"

I just think this kind of humorous approach might neuter these twits a bit, and maybe even get under their skin a bit. Of course, such an approach might detract from the solemnity of the event, but I think it would be a funny way to deal with these nitwits one of these days.

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RTPout said...

They came to Bloomington Indiana when I lived there, and some of the skater kids stole posters from a nearby sidewalk sale and walked around chanting "God hates kittens in fishbowls!" Classic.