Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Final extension on Ask Me Anything! (Seriously, this time!)

I know, I've made the "final" extension announcement several times already, but I figure, what's one more? What I'll do is run it right up to the end of this month, and then start answering the questions next month, which starts on Saturday. Or Sunday. Whatever. One of those is the first, so next week, I'll start answering.

So, go ahead, folks, Ask Me Anything! Just put queries in comments to this post. (This is just so they're all in one place. Easier for me to keep track that way; two years ago I had Ask Me Anything! queries all over, in comments to three or four different posts, which resulted in me missing several questions until a month later.) As always, anonymous questions are fine, just as long as they're not mean.