Sunday, March 09, 2008

Time to go polish the warp drive nacelles

I was sitting down to do some nice, substantive blogging, but then I hopped over to SamuraiFrog's place and found this video:

And then my head exploded.

"I love you, Dream Woman!"


teflonjedi said...


Punning Pundit said...

"that's the hottest girl with downs syndrome ever"

Tonio Kruger said...

If I were younger and not getting over somebody, I'd be tempted.

And I have to admit the last line was clever. Where's Twisted Sister now that we need them?

LC Scotty said...

Is there a rule about the ROWRs being famous?

I nominate her!

Unknown said...

"So either she's wrong or I'm not that hot... oh wait I didn't think that one through." Nerd sensibility, obvious hotness, and an innate sense of humor? Is there such a thing as a "drool take"?