Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ask HIM anything! (and some other lazy linkage)

Some things:

:: Roger is doing his own Ask Me Anything!. So go and ask him stuff. I've just done my duty (especially since he posed the majority of the questions in my own recently-completed Ask Me Anything!).

:: John McCain: a foreign policy disaster in the making.

:: Lynn links an interview with SF author John C. Wright, a guy who has the best ability to say things well despite being completely wrong since William F. Buckley. I finally lost it when Wright identified Apollo 13 as a "hard SF movie". I guess being set in space makes it SF, despite the fact that it's a true story? Huh?! Anyway, whenever I read Wright, I get the sense that he's a more eloquent version of Orson Scott Card. (And I came to that comparison before I read this post of Wright's. Note also this one, where he pontificates against movies for being anti-American or whatever, including at least one movie he didn't even see.)

:: I really really really really wanna go to Norway. Here's another reason why.

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