Monday, March 17, 2008

Sentential Links #132

Time for this week's linkage:

:: Apparently, among this crowd, Sister Souljah Moments are only for white people. Bush I parties with Sun Myung Moon, Bush II goes to Bob Jones University, John McCain accepts the endorsement of John Hagee, and it slides. Barack Obama renounces Rev. Wright, and we are told that the taint is indelible.

:: I don't necessarily have a problem with the government intervening to bail a bunch of rich guys out when their own bad decisions blow up in their faces if that's what's needed for the health of the overall economy, but this sort of thing is one of several reasons why I think the very rich should pay high tax rates and we shouldn't be happy about the prospect of ever-growing inequality.

:: Use humans in space when only humans will do. Use machines whenever possible: it's safer and cheaper and more effective. By separating cargo shipment from manned flights, the Orion system advances that philosophy, and that's all to the good.

:: We had to pitch a pilot the day after 9-11. The VP cried. (We sold it)

:: I can actually hear the words coming from the mouth 24 Hour Fitness rep I created in my imagining of how this would have gone down in real life. "Oh, I take it you're no longer interested in fitness?" he'd scoff, casting a long glance at my Eddie Spaghetti arms. "Yes," I'd reply. "I no longer have any regard for my physical well-being. I have, in fact, lost any interest in fitness. I'm also smoking a pack a day, chewing on fiberglass instead of gum, and driving to the bad part of town so I can flip off gang members."

:: I once had a call from an 80 year old woman who was shivering. She was keeping her heat at 55 so she could pay for her prescriptions.

:: I love the Irish part of me, of what the Clarks and the Elys passed down through the family gene pool, but The celebration of St. Patrick converting us heathens will always baffle me. (Speaking of which, I need to re-read How the Irish Saved Civilization one of these days.)

:: The flowers are already opening by the window, and their delicate scent fills the house, and all is well with the world.

And there we have it. Link responsibly, folks!


SK Waller said...

Thanks for the shout out. I'm honored!

kidicarus222 said...

Yes, thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

Roger Owen Green said...

The McCain-Hagee link was on Bill Moyers' journal in the past couple weeks. speaking as a Christian, I find Hagee's theology to be not only ludicrous but scary.

jennimi said...

Thank you for reading my piece, and finding the most important sentence in it. - jennimodest

the dame said...

As always, thanks for these links. Through you I find some thing I would never see otherwise and would not have wanted to miss.