Sunday, March 23, 2008

Department of Technical Annoyances

Earlier today I downloaded and installed the newest version of my Internet security program (Norton 360, for those who care), which seems to be working fine. But now Firefox seems to be in the habit of clearing my "personal data" each and every time I close the program, which wouldn't be annoying in itself if it wasn't also clearing my entire browsing history with it, no matter how many times I go under "Tools" and un-check the "Clear Personal Data at the end of every session" box or change the settings so the browsing history is left alone.

That could get annoying.

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Unknown said...

Hi Kelly,

My name is George and I work with Symantec.

I'm sorry that you're having some N360/Firefox compatibility issues. I'd be happy to pass your email address(listed on your blog) to the executive support team for assistance. Let me know if you'd be comfortable with someone contacting you directly. My personal email is geohen1(at)gmail(dot)com.

Best to you,