Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

I didn't see a whole lot of outright weirdness this week, but there were some choice bits....

:: Jason has a fun post that culminates in a lo-tech version of the lightcycle sequence from TRON. Do check it out. (I've always considered it a badge of geek pride that I loved TRON right from its initial theatrical release, when I saw it twice.)

:: Oh, those crazy kids and their keggers...with kegs of root beer. (I once got carded when I bought a six-pack of IBC root beer. That cashier, at the grocery store in my college town, was legendary for being dumb; everybody I told this story to responded "Oh, that was Brandi, right?" Wow.)

:: Not the standard kind of weirdness for this series, but it's definitely weird in the "out of the ordinary" sense: All four Number One seeds in the NCAA tournament have made the Final Four, which has never happened before. Once again I find myself wishing I liked watching basketball (it tends to bore me to tears), because the NCAA Tourney yields more great sports stories each year than any other major sporting event. (Of course, in the "great stories" department it pales next to the Olympics, but those aren't annual events.)

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