Monday, March 31, 2008

Sentential Links #134

Here we go!

:: As I said, as long as I work on the taxpayers' dime, I don't feel I should be wasting that time on Internet sports. (For those of you who think that your public servants are a bunch of time-wasting miscreants!)

:: My gramma died March 10th. (I've been remiss in not offering Sean my condolences on the loss of his grandmother.)

:: Suddenly, I'm not all that hungry. (Me either. Yeesh, I'm glad I already ate!)

:: Solution: Just get Craig and Connery in a room and do a dual interview and forget muddling an already promising reboot. (I agree, Connery wouldn't work -- but George Lazenby could do it! Nobody would recognize him, I suspect. And note the relative blogging explosion that Sir Matthew the Indestructible has going at the moment. How long can it last???)

:: I have no more proof than my own well-cultivated cynicism, but for now I’m assuming the new system (which they plan to incorporate into all future titles, yikes) is going to be just like the last fifty copy restriction systems: A system which creates headaches for legitimate users, prohibits fair use, but which will be quickly and easily obliterated by kids sailing under the jolly roger. It will be yet another system of punishing all the wrong people.

:: I don't think it's too much of a stretch to compare a composer like Mozart with someone like Prince. (Hmmmmm....)

:: Can it be that after 30 years of having one book following a few paces behind any discussion of Joan Crawford, it is finally time for a revival?

:: The novelty of these sequences lies in their ability to set a tone, create a visual and sonic signature, and synthesize the iconographic elements of a given film. The best ones can emerge as standalone set pieces, while others simply serve as introductory “warm ups.” It’s not surprising, then, that the Superman sequence began with a ritual that has also faded from our movie-going habit: the grand theater with a proscenium and curtains that reveal the screen.

Instead, we now get more commercials in front of the feature, smaller screens, and movies that are all too willing to cut to the chase.
(A relatively new blog about matters cinematic. Discovered via the FSM message boards.)

And that's all. Cheerio, until next week!

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Sean Meade said...

thanks, Jaq. not remiss at all.