Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm a bad baseball fan.

In fact, I am such a bad baseball fan that I think I should stop claiming to be one. I've almost completely stopped paying attention to the game, since without cable, it's nearly impossible to watch games until October, and since my favorite team, the Pirates, is one giant heap of suck. I don't even know who the really good players are these days, and my once useful stash of baseball knowledge in my head is starting to erode. Case in point:

The Scene: The Store. The Players: Me, and a Co-worker who is a Mets fan.

COWORKER: Hey, I've got a chance this week to get the autograph of a former Met.

ME: Oh yeah? Who?

COWORKER: Our former closer.

ME: Oh wow! Julio Franco!


COWORKER: John Franco. Julio Franco is a first baseman.

ME: Wow. I suck.

COWORKER: There there....

So yeah. It was nice being a baseball fan, back in the day....

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Erin said...

"Heap of suck" is an excellent way of putting it. Yeah, I've stopped paying attention too. Remember the good old days? Barry Bonds before steroids? Good times, good times...