Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

Here we go....

:: I don't know what it is about cars versus being on foot, but I can totally see myself hiking this trail, whereas you couldn't pay me enough to drive this road. (First link via Lynn. Oddly, these pages are hosted at a site for a dance studio in Texas!)

:: Need a protocol droid, but all you have is paper? No problem! (via)

:: Save the abandoned shopping carts. This hits me close to home, I must admit! Once in a while, a person will come into The Store with their own cart, rather than using one of ours; and occasionally it will be a cart from a store that has long since gone the way of the retail dodo-bird. That's always interesting, and possibly a little sad. (via)

Keep the weirdness coming, folks!

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