Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

Here's some odd stuff:

:: John Scalzi cites the worst invention of all time. Sure, but if you consider making something similar for small children....

:: I just figured out a big reason why I don't watch LOST: it lacks a funky theme song. Oy!

:: Rejected Star Wars tie-in merchandise. Yes, some of it's incredibly goofy, but damned if I don't find myself really wanting that Cloud City desk lamp! (Incidentally, the Star Wars ramp-up of the late 1990s, especially the release in 1997 of the Special Editions, coincided in part with my tenure with Pizza Hut, then a PepsiCo franchise. When the SEs came out, our big tie-in thingie was...posters for the movies. Yup: buy a Kid's Meal, get a poster. That was pretty lame, I have to admit. But then, Pizza Hut is pretty lame. I'm glad I've held on at The Store for more than four years now, because I've hated the fact that Pizza Hut is the place where I've worked the longest.)

:: Line Rider. First noted via Shamus. Wow, what a time-waster. I love it.

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