Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bask in my brillaince, Mere Mortals!!!


OK, folks, everybody I've met who owns one of the things says that those Dyson vacuum cleaners are the greatest things since sliced bread and that their immense suction is really immense and stuff, so I won't doubt that this Dyson fellow is doing the world some good with his vacuums. But when I watch commercials like this:

Why do I hear nothing but a Brit saying "I'm smarter than you! I'm smarter than you! I'm a genius and you're a peon! Neener neener!"

I know, I know -- "Genius is also an insufferable prick! Film at eleven!" But yeesh, this guy bugs me.



Anonymous said...

Not watching the video because I'm pretty certain I know which commercial you're talking about; I had a very similar (thought apparently not identical) thought process while seeing this commercial a little while ago. In my case it struck me more that this guy is talking about a vacuum cleaner like it's a cure for cancer. If he's so smart, couldn't he be doing something just a little more... important?

Anonymous said...

A somewhat related bit of trivia: my lovely Girlfriend works in the wholesale floor-covering biz and she informs me that several of the big carpet mills refuse to warranty their product if a Dyson is used on it. In other words, the damn thing sucks too hard and may (I say may because I'm not aware of any actual studies, but it certainly concerns carpet manufacturers) be damaging the very thing it's supposed to be cleaning and, by extension, extending the life of. So how frickin' smart is that, Mr. British Smartypants?