Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh noes!!!

It appears that I've annoyed a fan of Apple products. Oh well, that's how things go, I guess, although I'm a tad baffled as to why the author over there seems to think there's something faulty with my "sense of satire". Did I miss some satire somewhere? Is there a dollop of satire on my shoe?

Anyway, back to my nice PC.

UPDATE: Apparently that site is devoted to satirizing the Apple cult, I guess. Based on just the post that linked me -- which is all I read over there -- the satire is pretty hard to detect, but there you go.

And again, back to my nice PC.


Anonymous said...

ROFFLE!!!! Dude, did your considerable hair blow as the point flew over your head? That whole blog is satire - and if you take half of us "creepy" folks seriously.... well, you are missing some sense of satire.

And for Scotty - context, context. I was laughing two or so posts earlier about the funny blog http://www.stuffthatwhitepeoplelike.com and noted that "Apple products" was number 40 on the list. Then I came across this blog with a picture of an obviously white boy, and found it very funny to say "here's a white boy who doesn't like Apple products."

Sheesh, this is like explaining a joke to a roomful of blondes.

But then again... you are Windows users ;)

Thanks for the link. I dig the shirt in the picture.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Well, sorry to ruin your good time or anything, but all I saw in my referrals was the link from that post of yours, so I didn't spend a lot of time digging through the rest of your blog for other, related posts. (Actually, I didn't spend ANY time doing that.) Just on the basis of that single post of yours, I figured you were being serious in taking me to task for not thinking iBricking is a good thing.

Anyway, go ahead and have a good time, I guess. (I'm shrugging now.)

Anonymous said...

it was very tongue in cheek, you were just the first white boy I found that didn't like Apple - but there is a serious side in that, really companies do have the right to enforce their agreements - but we also have the right to complain about it

don't let us Apple cultists freak you out - we really aren't creepy. Most of the time. Before midnight at least.

LC Scotty said...

I didn't catch the satire here either. Since I come here nearly every day, there was over a week between the "stuff white people dig" post and this one. It was way off the radar by then.

Roger Owen Green said...

This whole conversation hurts my head- the convergeance of two pieces of satire (Apple, the white guy thing) - that somehow made you... no, just too weird.