Sunday, April 23, 2006

A very public service message.

Last night, I got my first significant comments-spam attack, as some outfit left something like twenty comments here with links to...something. (Don't know what, don't care what. Didn't check.) After deleting all of those, I've now turned on YACCS's new moderating system, so no comments here will appear until I manually approve them. If this proves to be a larger pain-in-the-ass than I'm willing to deal with, then I may switch over to Blogger's commenting system, which has a CAPTCHA word-verification thing. Moderation isn't my first choice, but I'm willing to suffer with it for a while and see how it goes. Luckily, this blog doesn't tend to generate long comments threads, but my threads have trended longer recently and I'd hate to see that go by the wayside again just because I can't free myself up for large segments of the day to moderate things. We'll see.

If any of you Fine Readers have an opinion on this, feel free to e-mail it (or leave it in comments, since with the moderation turned on I'm pretty much guaranteed to see all comments now).

So now, on with our show. And please feel free to enjoy a fine beverage by the fine folks at Schweppes.

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