Monday, April 10, 2006

Sentential Links #45

A bit of a different approach this week. Jayne Says has become a favorite blog of mine, of the "personal diary" variety. Her own content tends to focus on spirituality, with a little politics and a bit of pop culture thrown in. It takes a good writer to make subject matter like that interesting, and Jayne is certainly that.

But this week Jayne's been absent, and she's turned her blog into a showcase for some of her own favorites, presenting posts she's borrowed from those blogs (rather than just allowing them to post new material to her blog). So this week's "Sentential Links" will provide links to posts from the blogs that have been featured on Jayne Says, only not from the actual posts from those blogs that have actually been used on Jayne Says. I hope that makes sense. My head hurts a bit from typing that.

(Oh, and there will be a couple additional links at the end, from my own trekking 'round Blogistan.)

Here we go:

:: Twice a year, my system and life is screwed up for nearly an entire month as Mr. Body Clock tries to figure out why the freakin' hell I am suddenly reprogramming him to get up or sleep in early or later, and why I'm going to bed earlier or later. I think it affects me so severely because Mr. Body Clock, bless his heart, is an A-type personality over-acheiver. (Heh! Luckily for me, my own Mr. Body Clock is easily mollified with generous quantities of rum. BTW, I love the effect this blog uses when mousing over links. A little cheesy, but great!)

:: My coworker and I had been typically getting on each others nerves all day and it boiled over when he brought up the coffee late in the afternoon. In addition to ripping into him for his breakdown in logical thinking that while strong coffee could be watered DOWN… the lightly colored water he called coffee COULD NOT BE MADE STRONGER!!! (Remember the old chorus from the Letterman show: "Decaffeinated coffee -- it's useless warm brown water!")

:: Mostly I've found pieces of consolations from various easter religions and I continue to do so, but if I knew I wouldn't fail, I'd try to embrace Catholicism in the interest of having a spiritually cohesive family. (If you like knitting, this blog's for you. I've never knitted; I'm more of a knotting kind of guy.)

:: Can you feature seeing this on your commute??? I mean, every road in Salt Lake has one of these looming up at the end of it. just about. (Lots of photos at this post.)

:: I like old stuff, I like being the caretaker of old stuff. I have a primitive pew like bench in my great room that is over a hundred and twenty five years old. I paid forty five dollars for it. I wonder how may people have sat there, where, and when.

:: Sometimes we change so much that we have to rid ourselves of the people that we have outgrown.

:: The thing is, when someone gives you their heart, even if it’s a bit battered and bruised and some pieces are sold separately, YOU TAKE CARE OF IT.

:: I followed the story and in time all charges were dropped against the Rabbit. I knew then that I had moved to the right town. (Heh!)

:: It only took 20.7 months, but my daughter has finally reached the point where she is insistent on pooping in private. (I'm not telling how long it took with The Daughter. Suffice it to say, modesty ain't her thing, and I have some trepidation about what kinds of productions she'll appear in if she majors in theater in college.)

That's all of Jayne's blogsitters. (I think Jayne is back tomorrow.) Here are a few links from my own Fellow Travelers:

:: There are things about other people smoking that I miss though. I miss the sounds---of a match being struck, the snick of a lighter, the first satisfied exhale of the contented nicotine addict getting her fix. (This is a great post. Go read it, if nothing else.)

:: But I’m tired of people telling me when and how I have to remember 9/11. Don’t worry, folks. I remember. I remember even though I’m a Democrat. I remember even though I don’t go to church. I remember even though I voted for Kerry. I remember even though I can’t stomach George W. Bush not for one second.

:: This disk held fast an event I had shared with my father: 71 minutes out of the 16 years we had together. Soon after, as an "enemy of Reich and F├╝hrer," my father also disappeared into Hitler's abyss. (OK. After reading Lance's post, read this one.)

All for this week!

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