Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Not what you think....

Steven Den Beste seems less than thrilled that Oliver Stone is making a 9-11 themed movie. Well, if SDB is assuming that Stone's going to make something along the lines of Fahrenheit 9-11, he can by all accounts stop worrying. Here's an original press release about the film, and everything I've read since bears this out: Stone's film focuses tightly on one tale of heroism from the World Trade Center attacks: the rescue of two Port Authority policemen who were trapped in the rubble. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but every report I've read about this film's production has gone out of its way to make clear that this will not be Oliver Stone in "left-wing conspiracy theorist" mode.

(Speaking of which, it's always bothered me when people refer to JFK as advancing a conspiracy theory, because it really doesn't advance a theory at all. It's more of a "fantasy on a theme", with that theme being "conspiracy". JFK doesn't so much advance a theory about the Kennedy assassination as it advances all of them -- minus the ones involving aliens and UFOs -- basically throwing everything up on a wall for all to see. Just watch JFK and try to sum up the film's "theory". It can't be done. Incidentally, JFK is one of my favorite films of all time. I've been for years in awe of how much Stone was able to pack into those three hours.)

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