Friday, April 07, 2006

Geez, who left this blog here? It's all dusty and stuff.

Sorry about the lack of posting this week, folks, but things have been fairly busy in the Real World lately, and this heightened level of activity combined with a backlog of materials to review for GMR and a very hectic weekend last week which had me starting this week off fairly tired already and the traditional uptick in maintenance work at The Store as Spring rolls round led to a blogger who found himself staring slackjawed at the monitor during "Bloggin' Time" most of the time this week.

My plans for this weekend involve sleeping, watching a movie or two on the TeeVee, more sleeping, doing a bit of laundry, buying food, some more sleeping, drinking a bit of cola laced with spiced rum (if "spiced ham" is the idea behind "Spam", shouldn't "spiced rum" likewise reduce to "Spum"?), and the like. We'll see if I can't reawaken the little guys upstairs who actually determine in what order I strike the keys on my computer keyboard.

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